Thursday, May 29, 2014

Situations that Use Forensic Cell Phone Data Recovery in St. Louis

Most cell phones or data within phones can be encrypted with secure passwords. Locked phones limit the files and tracking apps that can be studied and used as evidence in an investigation. For instance, a suspect may be hiding messages, apps, or contact history that will confirm his/her involvement in a crime. Advanced unlocking tools and software can aid in these situations.

Erased Data

In some cases, phones may be reformatted or valuable data may have been erased to cover a person’s tracks and get rid of condemning evidence. Most of the time, the erased data is no longer visible, but these files would not completely disappear. Technicians that offer cell phone forensics in St. Louis, such as eTech Solutions, can dig into the phone and retrieve salvageable data.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

St. Louis Laptop Screen Repair Services: Fixing Common Display Issues

Aside from the accidental coffee spillage, flooding, or whatnot, your laptop may also suffer water damage from humidity. The natural or air-conditioned moisture in your environment can seep through the device and damage the screen. When this occurs, your screen needs to be thoroughly, carefully, and immediately dried. Replacement screens may be needed for extensively corroded ones.

Smashed Screens

Clumsiness or carelessness is all it takes to crack or smash your laptop screen into pieces. When that happens, consult professionals like eTech Solutions for broken laptop screen repair in St. Louis. From the tiniest cracks to almost pulverized LCDs, expert technicians can safely and properly identify the extent of your laptop screen’s damage and recommend the appropriate repair or replacement.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

St. Louis Tablet Screen Repair: Two Approaches to Fixing Problems

Heading to the professionals for help with tablet problems is still the wise option. These experts can properly diagnose the problem and deliver the right repair job down to detail. For example, St. Louis iPad screen replacement specialists will ensure a secure attachment to prevent the common problem of the screen falling off.

Along with smartphones, tablets are gadgets many people can’t live without these days. However, their screens are sensitive and prone to problems at times. There are two approaches owners can consider in dealing with these problems, but it is better to rely on professional tablet repair technicians like those from eTech Solutions.

Friday, May 23, 2014

St. Louis iPhone Repair: Tips on Dealing with Water-damaged iPhones

A waterproof iPhone is good news for those users who never part with their gadget—even when going to the washroom or washing the dishes. Listening to St. Louis’ pride Chuck Berry through the iPhone can get too engrossing that accidents, like dropping the device in water, can happen. Fortunately, these music and gadget loving owners can call on St. Louis iPhone repair specialists to fix the damage.

Still, owners should know that proper response is essential in saving a submerged iPhone, as the longer the gadget stays in water, the bigger the chances of extreme damage. Below are two things to keep in mind.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reliable iPhone Repair in St. Louis: What’s in Store for the iPhone 6?

An ergonomic design is very important for these small handheld devices. If people can’t hold their phones properly, they’re very likely to drop and break them. Thus, it is not surprising to learn about numerous cases of broken iPhone screens or iPhones accidentally submerged in water due to the unwieldiness of the devices.

For this reason, cell phone experts, like the folks from eTech Solutions, make it a point to provide reliable cell phone screen repair in St. Louis and elsewhere. These pros’ services may even be in greater demand with the coming of the iPhone 6.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Battery Woes: Reasons to Visit a Cell Phone Repair Shop in St. Louis

Some users insist on keeping their phones constantly at 100% charge, not realizing that they could be doing more harm than good. Cellphone batteries can wear out very quickly if they are kept heated up for long periods of time (i.e. when the phone is being charged), thus shortening a battery’s lifespan.

Too much heat is just one of the many reasons for cellphone batteries to malfunction, so users are encouraged to seek professional advice for their battery woes. Experts at a trusted cell phone repair shop in St. Louis, like eTech Solutions, are well-versed in dealing with battery problems for top brands like Samsung, Apple, and Nokia.